From MS Access to Anywhere, Anytime Access!

MS Access, although efficient in helping you organize your business data and creating custom databases, is complex and traps your information in a silo. This makes it less than ideal for growing companies, creating the need for an MS Access alternative which allows for speed and ease of use.

Simplify Data Collection and Data Operations

Online database management with HyperOffice is a powerful MS Access alternative, which lets you easily create unlimited customized web databases, universally accessible on any web browser on any PC or Mac. And just like the MS Access you can create tailored databases and workflows for your company, but without any expertise or knowledge of programming. Simplify data collection with easy to do HTML forms, and data analysis with simple reporting and querying.

The Possibilities – Your Databases Just A Click Away

  • Collect invaluable customer information through easy to set up HTML forms
  • Allow traveling sales teams to directly add lead or other information to company databases from any internet connected computer
  • Have instant access to important data anytime, anywhere and easily present data in the shape you want it with simple reporting and querying
  • Automate company processes like lead tracking and document review through online workflows
  • Allow subject matter experts to easily create their own  universally accessible online databases according to need
  • Check out our database management features

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