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Migrate from Microsoft Access to cloud first online databases, web forms, apps and workflows.

Transitioning MS Access users to the cloud for 10+ years!

In 2018, Microsoft announced that it was ceasing support for web based Microsoft Access. Unlike Access databases, HyperBase is a pioneer in online databases since 2004, offering a fully online Access alternative that has always been built as a cloud first product. You get the full power of web forms, apps, reports, workflows and databases, while we also help you migrate from MS Access.

Build beautiful web forms to collect data

Forget clunky MS Access forms. Use our super simple web form builder to create web forms that exactly meet your data and branding needs. Build internal or external web forms of any kind – surveys, app forms, contact forms, feedback, voting.

Organize data in powerful relational database tables

Organize and manage data optimally in robust relational database tables. All data types are supported, including files and calculations. Leverage advanced operations like lookups, joins etc.

Get insights with advanced Reports

Manipulate your data for analysis and insights. Build specific views for specific users to fulfill their precise needs.

Automate workflows with database apps

HyperBase lets you quickly create web forms for data collection with drag and drop simplicity. You can create a wide array of business apps to automate simple company processes processes with workflows, notifications, views etc.

Here’s what others have built with HyperBase

And thousands more..

Lead Tracking

Manage incoming lead flow.


Automate the vacation request and approval process

Asset Management

Manage allocations of resources and assets

Inventory Management

Simple app to keep on top of your invetory.

Job Applications

Streamline the hiring process

Online Surveys

Create elaborate surveys, track results and run reports

MS Access data migration

Our professional services teams have extensive experience migrating databases. We do the heavy lifting and help you move your data to HyperBase.

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