Make for Efficient Business Communication

Don’t reply on company email or word of mouth to spread important information across the company. Use a virtual message board to post news, events, deadlines, and a message of the day, all of which then appear right on the HyperOffice team desktop or the company wide desktop

Instantly grab attention and ensure nobody misses important news or information with it displayed right in front of them to see. Instant messaging allows everybody to get in touch with each other as needed, right within your portal solution.

Some Ways You Can Use Announcements

Keep everybody informed of important events and deadlines

Ensure that the right people get the right news with daily targeted news feeds

Communicate company values and policies by posting a “message of the day”

Post messages for “employee of the month,” team targets achievement, or birthdays


HyperOffice allows your company to setup your online document management system at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional document management software. Our effective document manager solution is low-cost, hassle-free, scalable, and secure.

Company Announcements

 Publish announcements you want to be circulated to everybody in the company on the companywide online desktop. 

Group Announcements

 Publish information relevant only to a particular team or department viewable by all group members.

News Feeds

Get the right news to the right people with highly targeted news feeds by categories like country, industry, company, domain etc.

Message of the Day

Communicate values, policies, rules using a “message of the day”

Instant Messaging

 Inbuilt chat helps everyone communicate instantly without having to depend on attention distracting external solutions. 


The group calendar on the desktop ensures everybody is up to date with important events and deadlines

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