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Founded in 1984, MediaWorks is a New York based media & communications company that does a wide array of projects including advertising campaigns, film, radio shows and websites. With the numerous projects they have running at the same time, and having clients such as Prudential and Tiffany & Co., is it important that MediaWorks be on top of their game.


The entire company is using Mac, so it makes sense that any product they use is Mac-compatible. The use of email was just not enough for MediaWorks; they needed other tools to better organize themselves. They tried having a separate calendar software, as well as another program for project management. However, the multiple solutions were too costly. The company began doing some general research on collaboration solutions and found WebOffice and HyperOffice. In the end, the deciding factor for MediaWorks was HyperOffice’s Mac-friendliness.


HyperOffice has tremendously helped MediaWorks. It has provided a task management and calendar system all in one solution. The fact that HyperOffice is web-based ensures that MediaWorks doesn’t have to put in anymore time and money into servers and IT consulting.

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