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Little Moose Press, founded in 2000, S Marketing and Ellen Reid’s Book Shepherding are all businesses that Ellen Reid owns. Although Little Moose Press is a well-established publishing company, there are no employees working there, except for an assistant and bookkeeper, the rest being independent contractors.


Being in charge of 3 companies, one can only imagine how important time management is. Ellen Reid had been previously using Filemaker, which had cost her a lot of time and money, and was too much of a hassle to maintain. It was time to find an internet based technology that she would be able to let others access, while at the same time limiting certain areas of information. With help through her brilliant intern, Ellen discovered HyperOffice.


Now with HyperOffice, Ellen is able to lay back and relax while her assistant schedules her appointments, and writes notes for her contacts. All Ellen has to do now is check her schedule and follow-up with any written notes. With the help of HyperOffice, Ellen’s companies have tremendously grown in size. She is able to save money that she would have otherwise needed for IT personnel.

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