Engage Students, Teachers & Parents beyond the classroom

uShare.to communication platform that connects students, teachers and parents beyond the classroom

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Engage students inside and outside the classroom

If education is not exciting and engaging for students, they naturally lose interest. uShare.to increases student engagement and time on task inside the classroom, but also the 91% of their time they spend outside the classroom (Motorola study). Students are fully engaged even after school in an interactive where they can receive homework, and interact with their peers and teachers to get it finished.

Deeply involve parents inside and outside the school

  • Parents have a transparent view of what their children course curriculum
  • Parents, teachers, counselors, and students can connect in real time for updates and interventions
  • Parents can keep track of their children’s assessments
  • Parents and Teachers can connect in real time and be fully involved in their children’s learning

Create lasting mentor-mentee relationships

Exceder allows students to be paired with mentors who can closely monitor and guide them towards vastly improved outcomes.

  • Mentors and mentees can communicate in real time
  • Mentors can monitor mentee activity and progress
  • Mentors can create dedicated lessons and courses for mentees


Unlimited Spaces

Create unlimited interactive spaces to enable reach time interaction between students, teachers and parents.

Live Audio/Video conferencing

Allow teachers to conduct live learning sessions, enable peer-to-peer interactions and engage parents via audio and video.

Web and mobile group messaging

Make announcements, ask questions, contribute answers and have discussions through real-time messaging.

Collaboration and information sharing

Share course materials, reports, or any other documents. Coordinate schedules and and assign tasks.

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