Exceder – Interactive learning platform with living K12 curriculum!

Exceder combines learning technology and content to meet the educational objectives of students, teachers and parents.

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An interactive learning platform which brings life to YOUR curriculum & training

Exceder is way more than a passive educational technology platform.  It’s a turnkey solution which is first loaded with your comprehensive academic curriculum, including associated assessments presented in a detailed calendarized scope and sequence. Content and technology are combined to engage teachers and parents in helping students excel in assessments.

Curriculum aligned with high stakes assessments

All curriculum development should begin with the core competencies students are expected to master with enrichment built around supporting those and other competencies deemed important by school administration. We make sure the curriculum in Exceder is geared towards helping students excel in high stakes assessments.

We believe in personalization

We recognize that every student has unique talents and propensities. In Exceder, every student learns through customized paths based on their background and behavior patterns.

Enable collaborative, rather than passive learning

Exceder enables peer-to-peer learning where teachers encourage students to contribute their expertise and help each other out. This leads to higher engagement, increased retention, and better learning outcomes.

Engage students inside and outside the classroom

If education is not exciting and engaging for students, they naturally lose interest. Exceder Learning Platform increases student engagement and time on task inside the classroom, but also the 91% of their time they spend outside the classroom (Motorola study). Students are fully engaged even after school in the interactive Exceder environment where they can receive homework, and interact with their peers and teachers to get it finished.

Deeply involve parents inside and outside the school

  • Parents have a transparent view of what their children course curriculum
  • Parents, teachers, counselors, and students can connect in real time for updates and interventions
  • Parents can keep track of their children’s assessments
  • Parents and Teachers can connect in real time and be fully involved in their children’s learning

Create lasting mentor-mentee relationships

Exceder allows students to be paired with mentors who can closely monitor and guide them towards vastly improved outcomes.

  • Mentors and mentees can communicate in real time
  • Mentors can monitor mentee activity and progress
  • Mentors can create dedicated lessons and courses for mentees

Allow administrators to monitor and intervene

Allow administrators at the school, local and district level to closely monitor overall outcomes via detailed reports and intervene when required

  • Keep track of student and teacher engagement
  • Monitor the success of your courses
  • Assess what works, and continuously improve courses

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