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Jostle is a leading intranet software provider, but today’s collaboration challenges go beyond a mere portal. See how HyperOffice helps overcome these challenges with an all-in-one collaboration platform.

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To Jostle or not to Jostle

While Jostle claims it helps organizations communicate, share information and improve engagement, the feature-set offered doesn’t completely tie to those promises. Let’s see how Jostle compares with HyperOffice.

Jostle HyperOffice

Document Management

Project Management


Intranet builder

Contact Management 


Database app builder



Persistent group chats


Website chat widget


User management/ Workspaces

Web forms


Experience Since 2009 Since 2004

Jostle pros

  • Constant updates
  • Very user-friendly and intuitive
  • Social-like UI

Jostle cons

  • Poor customization
  • Slow web version
  • Limited features

We found HyperOffice to be a very functional and dependable email and intranet product that many of our agents depend on for their business. After researching the many available products, HyperOffice is the clear winner in the cost-value analysis.
Bryan Crabtree
President and CEO, Weichert-Dean-Kelby

Where Jostle falls short and HyperOffice stands out

Are you covering all your collaboration needs?

Intranets can be as simple as static web pages, or be the hub of collaboration and productivity. In HyperOffice, your employees can communicate and collaborate, access workflow and productivity tools, absorb company culture, and form social connections – a hub in the truest sense.

Document Management

Project Management

Calendars and Contacts

Enterprise Social Network

Do-it-yourself Web Forms

Workflow Automation

HyperOffice’s advanced intranet personalization

Our platform is meant to let companies the completely customize the tool-set and look `n feel.

Create a contextual collaboration experience which combines tools, design elements, and branding for your company, or even for each team or department!

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of HyperOffice?

Depending on your number of users, you could be paying as low as $5/user/month.  

Do you assist on migration?

We’re glad to help you migrating from your current collaboration software provider to HyperOffice so you can start using it as soon as possible. 

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