Intranet vs. Extranet: The Commonalities

Although conceptually different and having different core purposes, both intranets and extranets have some basic similarities.

Central Repository

An intranet and extranet software both allow businesses to store and share critical information like group calendars, documents, or projects in a central location.

Collaboration Tool

An intranet and extranet both enable improved collaboration among employees, distributed workforces, customers and partners.

Intranet vs. Extranet: The Distinctions

Although technically similar, an intranet and extranet also have key differences in terms of the end purpose they serve, and their structure.


An installed intranet is usually only accessible from within the premises of the company via in-house servers. An extranet or customer portal, meant to enable collaboration with external parties distributed over locations, like traveling teams, customers or partners, is accessible via a secure Web-based network.

Technical Structure

Access to a company intranet is controlled by a system administrator that assigns and manages rights and permissions to access in-house servers. Access to an extranet or customer portal is generally restricted to external users and enabled through a VPN (virtual private network).


An intranet solution is intended to facilitate communication, collaboration and streamlining of workflow within an organization. An extranet software on the other hand, is to facilitate sharing of information and working together beyond the company’s boundaries, as with remote teams, customers and partners.

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HyperOffice Intranet and Extranet Solution

With HyperOffice,you dont have to look at different places for your intranet and extranet solutions. You are able to manage and administer your company intranet, and all your extranets and customer portals from a single, easy to manage solution. Hyperoffice Web-based collaboration service provides a low cost, user-friendly intranet and extranet solution with added enhancements to traditional intranets and extranets.

ntegrated Intranet and Extranet

 HyperOffice’s intranet and extranet functionality is integrated into a comprehensive product suite.

No Servers or VPNs Needed

Our intranet and extranet solution is completely Web-based and hosted so there’s nothing toinstall, configure or maintain. Collaborate with just an Internet connection.

Unlimited Intranet and Extranet Portals

Create unlimited workspaces for your departments, projects or offices  within your company intranet. Create unlimited extranets and customer portals for suppliers, vendors, customers of partners!

Completely Secure

We guarantee 99.9% uptime through our secure, offsite data center facilities equipped with redundant servers.

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