Publish Unlimited Intranet and Extranet Workspaces

HyperOffice allows you to set up an unlimited number of rich intranet and extranet workspaces for individuals, teams, departments, partners or clients. But you don’t need to have any of the expertise needed to set up Microsoft SharePoint ‘portals’ or ‘SharePoint Sites’.

Without any technical expertise, you can tailor these workspaces to user needs by customizing look, layout, brand and collaboration tools. You can even set up entire websites!


Company Intranet Portal

 Easily set up a robust company intranet with dedicated areas for individuals, teams and departments to share and collaborate on information.

Extranets & Customer Portals

 Set up unlimited tailor made extranets and customer portals to enable two way communications with partners and clients.

Workspace Customization

Finely tailor the appearance, layout, pages, brand and collaboration tools included in each workspace without any page design expertise.

Collaboration Tools

Convert your workspaces into thriving collaborative environments by choosing from tools like document management, project management, contact directories, forums, calendaring, polls and more.

Mobile Support

Employees, partners and clients can access the workspaces from any internet enabled PC, Mac or mobile device.

Access Permissions

 Manage access to workspaces using password protection. Even within individual workspaces finely manage level of access available to different members.

Data Security

Industry class 128-bit encryption and automatic backups keep your data highly secure.

Make the SharePoint Switch Today!

Access timely and relevant information, documents, and applications anytime and anywhere through any browser without installing and managing Sharepoint Portal Server. Be more productive by having immediate access to up-to-date, relevant information. You can organize your information, files, and applications in a central and secure location accessible to authorized users.

Generous Storage Space

 Each account comes standard with 250 MB/user to share. 10 users will share 2.5 GB of storage space! Get additional, unlimited data storage for just $7/month per 1 GB.

Completely Intuitive

Easy-to-use and deploy! Our portal server requires no IT support. It works across any platform – PC or Mac. Plus, we offer free support & upgrades for life!

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

Access enterprise Sharepoint-like hosting services for a low monthly fee. Simply add new members as your business grows.

No Hardware/Software SharePoint Hosting

 HyperOffice is a collaboration solution so there’s no software to install, no servers to maintain…ever!

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