Interlinking – Add Context to Your Intranet Information

Your HyperOffice company intranet brings you the benefits of having all your productivity tools and information in one place. Interlinking is one such benefit. It is an innovative idea born from customer feedback and based on real operational requirements. Each user – and by extension workgroup – has specific requirements that will change over time. To accommodate a diverse and changing set of user requirements and behaviors we developed the interlinking feature. As you work on different projects you can easily link documents, tasks, events, contacts and even email records to create a virtual blueprint of all pieces and parts that are relevant to a project, event or customer.

Create a Virtual Blueprint

Once this virtual blue print of related is in place you can easily track and review all information relevant to a task, project, event, customer…etc. Yet better as this information changes HyperOffice will keep track and continually update your virtual blueprint.

For example, a user may link all related emails, documents and events to a particular contact, creating interlinks that users may track, audit and refer to, as needed.

Interlinking: Benefits

Increase Productivity

Link all related information so you and your team don’t waste time digging the company intranet for email messages, documents, or tasks related to an event, contact, project or customer.

Track, review and audit information 

related to projects, events, contacts, customers…etc

Put the power of technology to work for you

Information relevant to your work at your finger tips

Spend time on your business 

instead of looking for information

Connect islands of data

Interlinking: Features

Link Data 

Link all relevant data in your contact, document, email, task, voting and links folders.

Link across personal and group folders

Regardless of whether you’ve stored your information in your personal or group folders, interlinking can be used between the two.

Create Unlimited Links

You can link up as many items as you want. There is no limit.

Link-Back Feature

A 2-way link is created between items so that the link can be viewed regardless of how you are trying to access the information. You don’t have to remember where you linked from.

One step Linking

When linking an object; you can create a link at the same time. For example, when you are linking a document to a contact you can create the contact at the same time as you are linking (a 1-step process).

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