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Shahab Kaviani, VP Sales & Marketing, HyperOffice joins hosts Scott Sheppard and Brad Wright for an overview of how HyperOffice can help you manage your collaborative work and projects using their intuitive online tools HyperOffice recently announced full support for iPhone with an optimized interface that also helps syncronize your documents, contacts, and schedules. For more information and a free trial visit:

Mike Kirkwood, CEO, Polka joins Inside Mac to discuss their lifesaving iPhone Emergency Card app recently launched in the iPhone App Store. The iPhone Emergency Card allows you to enter important personal information, including emergency contacts, blood type, allergies to food or medications, and more. Users can access maps to nearest hospitals and medical centers seamlessly within the application. In addition, iPhone users can print a wallet-sized version of their card as a back-up and hard copy. For more information visit:

Tom Conrad, Chief Technology Officer, Pandora joins Scott and Brad to explain how you can setup your own custom radio stations to enjoy on your iPhone. Pandora based on the “Music Genome Project” is an online site that allows you to create playlists based on your favorite songs helping you discover new music or reconnect with songs from your past. You can setup your wireless connection to the audio in your home stereo and listen to Pandora’s stations or share them with your friends. The iPhone version also works on your iPod Touch, anywhere you have an internet connection without having to download the actual songs. For more information visit:

Dr Joe Hardy, a neuroscientist and Director of Research and Development for Posit Science joins Inside Mac to talk about The Posit Science® Brain Fitness Program which is an application that helps you get your brain into better shape. The Brain Fitness Program comes with 6 different exercises that are designed to speed up auditory processing, improve working memory, and encourage the brain to produce more of the chemicals that help it remember. Studies have shown that it speeds up auditory processing by 131%, improves memory by an average of 10 years, and more. For more information, benefits, and study results visit:

Video Post Production News of the Week with Philip Hodgetts from the Open TV Network. More information available at:

Andy Shalat, Design Guru and Author of “Mac Design Out Of The Box” shares his Design Tip of the Week. For more about Andy and his latest works visit: