What is iCalendar (or iCal)?

iCalendar, sometimes referred to as CalDav and iCal (to be differentiated from Apple’s iCal), is a file format which allows different calendar systems to pass scheduling and meeting information between each other.


HyperOffice’s iCalendar integration simplifies scheduling when meeting participants are using different email and calendar systems. HyperOffice users can send (and receive) meeting invites to any system which supports the iCalendar format.

When setting up a meeting on a HyperOffice calendar, users simply invite people on any external email system (say Gmail). The recipient receives an email invitation, and simply needs to click on “accept” to instantly set up a meeting on their own calendaring system (Google Calendar in this case).

This also works in the opposite direction, where an invite sent from an external iCalendar supported system instantly shows up on HyperOffice calendars on acceptance.

Scheduling is further simplified as users also have the option of declining invites, or requesting reschedules

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