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HyperOffice offers customers a modern WebOffice alternative, customer support and a data migration path with minimal business disruption.

Rockville, Maryland (PRWEB) May 14, 2014

As the November 30, 2014 End-of-Life date for WebEx WebOffice approaches, HyperOffice today announced the successful completion of hundreds of migrations from WebOffice to its HyperOffice Collaboration Suite, and invited other transitioning WebOffice users looking for options.

HyperOffice is an award winning suite of collaboration and database apps that allow teams to work together, manage workflows, share documents and store data online. HyperOffice is a widely recognized pioneer in online collaboration since 2004, with awards from Red Herring, ComputerWorld, AT&T and more.

WebEx WebOffice entered its End-of-Life phase late last year, and as of Nov 30 this year, all WebOffice accounts and sites will be completely decommissioned. This has left organizations managing their information in WebOffice scrambling for options. HyperOffice offers these companies a safe WebOffice alternative and a transition path with minimal disruption.

Interested companies can call at +1.800.434.5136   +1.800.434.5136 or +1.240.428.1700+1.240.428.1700 or email clientservices(at)hyperoffice(dot)com. More details are available here.

“Many companies have relied on WebOffice to manage their operations for years. Their decision is made harder because in addition to finding a new solution, they are also faced with the prospect of losing years of business data stored in WebOffice,” said Farzin Arsanjani, President of HyperOffice. “HyperOffice is perhaps the earliest competitor of WebOffice and offers the exact same feature set in a modern user interface. To ensure minimal business disruption, we have developed a special migration package for WebOffice users which will allows them to migrate all their data stored in WebOffice,” Farzin added.

HyperOffice has served thousands of users migrating from WebOffice over the years. Scores of WebOffice users have transitioned to HyperOffice since the End-of-Life announcement.

“WebOffice’s end-of-life announcement caused some concerns for our non profit organization at a critical time of year, but were relieved when we found HyperOffice,” said Peggy R. with Combat Veterans to Careers™. “HyperOffice’s knowledgeable staff was able to work with us to identify our needs and we found they offered us the same capabilities, and worked diligently to provide us a very smooth experience transitioning to their system. I was especially impressed by the quality of support from their team, and their willingness to take the extra step to understand our needs. We feel that the HyperOffice team is a part of our team,” Peggy concluded.

“After using WebOffice for years, the closure announcement was quite unexpected. We decided to make the switch sooner rather than wait till the End-of-Life Date,” said Harold Bialsky, President, Comprehensive Medical Case Management, LLC. “After looking around, HyperOffice was the most prominent alternative with the same set of functionality. Importantly, they offered services to help us get data from WebOffice into the new environment. We had a very smooth migration and after more than six months, I am extremely pleased with their user friendly and robust product, and their responsive support team,” Harold added.

“While WebOffice ceased development in the past few years, HyperOffice has continued to be an innovation leader in the market. In HyperOffice, users get a superior WebOffice alternative and a dependable vendor which has gone from strength to strength over 10 years. Our doors are wide open, and we are looking forward to welcoming WebOffice users,” Farzin concluded.

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