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“There’s no hardware to buy, no software to install. No geeks required.”

Rockville, MD (PRWEB) December 15, 2009 — HyperOffice today released a beta version of cloud-computing software that reinvents the company’s award-winning collaboration and communication tools for small and medium-sized businesses.

With HyperOffice, SMBs get all their collaboration and messaging needs – with one integrated suite of tools that makes collaboration simple.”
The private beta is available immediately to qualified customers and prospects upon request.

To see a video demo, click here:

The software-with-services suite makes it easy for company owners, employees, customers, partners and suppliers to run and grow a business by working together, planning projects, sharing documents, scheduling meetings, and more.

“We can get you up and running in as little as an hour,” said Farzin Arsanjani, president of HyperOffice. “There’s no hardware to buy, no software to install. No geeks required.”

HyperOffice integrates a range of software-as-a-service business applications over the Internet — shared calendars and contacts, business-class email, document and project management, web conferencing, databases and web forms; forums, polls and wikis; project and task portals, Intranets and Extranets; user rights, versioning, commenting, backup, and more.

The suite:

– Gives newly-minted entrepreneurs the software tools and support services they need to quickly launch new ventures from any web-connected computer or mobile device, including the Apple iPhone;
– Gives smaller and mid-sized companies the power to compete and expand — without the hassles of buying, installing, upgrading and fixing hardware and software;
– Speeds up time to market for agile business units – even if corporate IT resources are limited or non-existent;
– Cuts across boundaries of time, place and organization to connect mobile workers and distributed teams with colleagues, business partners and contractors – from work, from home, while traveling, anytime, using any Internet connection.

HyperOffice brings to the new edition of its namesake web-based collaboration software nearly 10 years of expertise and experience working with small and medium-sized businesses with 5 to 250 employees – and delivers the beta after two years of research and development with customers worldwide.

“Our customers demanded simplicity, speed, security and power from a cloud-based platform, geared for smart business, that weaves Web-based applications into an integrated suite,” said Arsanjani. “They wanted to get back to work. They didn’t want to bet their future on some mix-and-match combination of desktop software that is never up to date, that they have to keep fixing.

“Google Apps has reached more than two million businesses that recognize the value of messaging and collaboration capabilities delivered through Software-as-a-Service,” said Arsanjani. “HyperOffice is distinctively positioned as SMBs discover hosted business collaboration services and realize they require a more comprehensive suite of tools — along with free support and training to get off the ground.

“Increasingly distributed teams are bombarded with new Web 2.0 tools that do one job well – for instance, just sharing calendars or documents, or web conferencing, project management, chatting, or tracking sales calls. But these are “point” products that leave SMBs struggling to manage multiple vendor relationships. They lose productivity from double entry with disparate tools. In contrast, with HyperOffice, SMBs get all their collaboration and messaging needs – with one integrated suite of tools that makes collaboration simple.”

Hosted online, the HyperOffice suite delivers to smaller and medium-sized businesses the power and productivity of costly corporate collaboration products – for a low monthly subscription fee of about $7 per month, per user, secure, and hassle free.

Under the hood, rebuilt from the ground up, Ajax and an array of Web 2.0 technologies power improvements in performance, scalability and security.

Where the business user meets the screen, the new version introduces a streamlined, intuitive interface that is instantly familiar to any user of what now becomes the “classic” edition of HyperOffice – yet far more flexible.

For example, the new Ajax-powered HyperOffice enables users to drag and drop to easily build customer and project portals in minutes, make use of color-coded calendars, and manage project teams with more robust project management capabilities.

Tabs enable users to open multiple email messages – a unique advance in productivity that is generally not built into other email tools. Settings and permissions may be used to determine which users see changes made by others, which data collected by a web form is private or shared, and which users are granted access to groups, documents, revisions and other corporate resources. Users may also subscribe to revision changes that team members make to a document.

For users ready to migrate online from Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint, Exchange and other conventional, expensive desktop and server email products, HyperOffice provides free support by email and phone, webinars and an array of free, online and custom training options.

HyperOffice contact:

Farzin Arsanjani
HyperOffice Inc.

Agency contact:

Steve Leon
Technopolis® Communications Inc.

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