Creating HTML Forms is Easy!

Online HTML forms are a simple and cost effective way to easily collect prospect, client or any other kind of data to gain business insights. HyperBase’s HTML form builder allows you to instantly generate online HTML forms which you can publish on your website

You don’t need any HTML or design expertise at all. Our drag and drop form builder lets you create forms of any kind – contact form, feedback form, surveys and more. All you need is a net connection!

Convert Collected Data into Actionable Information

Just as important as collecting data through HTML forms is the ability to process the data for insights and share it with decision makers and colleagues. HyperOffice’s online database management features allow you to store, organize, analyze and share the data you collect at will.

How Can You Use HTML Forms

Registration Forms –

Simplify registration for your free trial or subscription.

HTML Contact Forms 

Let visitors contact you through an embedded site forms


Use online forms to maintain information about your customers, suppliers or business partners.

Polls and Surveys 

Use online forms to conduct employee, customer or market surveys.

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