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Note – This is an old article, and the information may not be relevant anymore.

It goes without saying that email and communications software is bare minimum technology for every business. However, traditionally, growing businesses have been prevented from leveraging high-tech communications technologies. Available solutions like Microsoft Exchange were built with big business (and big budget) in mind, requiring pricey hardware, technical savvy, or with superfluous features inappropriate for a small to medium sized business environment.

Worse, these communication solutions lack collaboration components – document collaboration, project management, intranet and extranet portals, database apps – essential for distributed teams of today, and intrinsic to corporate survival. This requires customers to purchase their communications and collaborations tools piecemeal, at precious lost time and expense, and expend further resources on integrating them.

For this reason, small and medium businesses are increasingly looking at communications software hosted on the cloud, which brings them robust functionality within budget, without the hassle of managing servers or hiring experts.

HyperOffice brings more than 10 years of offering cloud based communications and collaboration software with a specific focus towards SMBs. Users get instant access to best in class email functionality, with deep Outlook and mobile support, fully integrated collaboration features – enterprise grade technology, at a coach class budget.

Here’s What Microsoft Exchange Doesn’t Want You To Know

HyperOffice Gives More Bang For The Buck

HyperOffice’s cutting-edge hosted Exchange alternative solution includes a robust feature set, unsurpassed security, an intuitive interface, and outstanding support, all for a fraction of the cost of Microsoft Exchange.



HyperOffice Extends the Power of Outlook

HyperOffice’s deep integration with Outlook makes it ideal for Outlook users who want the functionality of Microsoft Exchange on Outlook without the expense and pain of installing, maintaining, and supporting Microsoft Exchange.

You will benefit from HyperOffice if you are:


1. Currently using Outlook and would like to begin sharing Outlook calendars, contacts, documents, and tasks with other Outlook and non-Outlook users without the expense and pain of MS Exchange.

2. Currently using MS Exchange server & Outlook, but are tired of the upgrade cycles, security threats, expense and pain of dealing with MS Exchange. Would like to migrate off of MS Exchange without giving up Outlook or losing the information already stored on MS Exchange.

3. Currently using MS Exchange but would like to share calendars, contacts, documents and more with partners, customers and vendors without giving them access to your Exchange servers. HyperOffice can coexist with MS Exchange so that you can create collaborative environments to satisfy your operational requirements while insulating your Exchange servers.

Outlook with HyperPower – The benefits of HyperShare

HyperOffice lets you transform your Outlook from an isolated email client to a dynamic collaboration tool.

  • Share Outlook – Share Outlook contacts, calendars, tasks
  • Outlook Web Access – Without Exchange, you can access all your Outlook account information on any web enabled device – PC, Mac or mobile
  • Mobile Access – You can even access your Outlook account information on any mobile device, including iPhone.
  • Automatic Synching – No matter where you access your account, it is automatically updated and synched.
  • Custom Business Email – You can set up a custom email domain ( for yourself and your employees which you can access from Outlook or HyperOffice.
  • Backup Outlook – Your information is frequently and safely backed up automatically on our servers, and you never have to bother about data loss in your computer or server crashes.

HyperOffice Is A One-Stop Shop

HyperOffice recognizes that today’s decision-makers are no longer satisfied with piecemeal, cookie-cutter solutions that require multiple hardware and software purchases. In addition to providing a viable alternative to Exchange, we provide our clients with a comprehensive and customizable platform of communication and collaboration solutions to grow and adapt to your specific business needs.

HyperOffice Converts your Mobile into a Business Workhorse

Modern workers expect to access business information, especially email, right on their mobile devices. HyperOffice allows mobile workers to access and sync email, contacts, calendars and tasks with the native applications of their mobile devices right out of the box. Support for almost every major mobile phone allows users to “bring their own mobile device”.

HyperOffice Is User-Friendly

HyperOffice offers simple and user friendly features that are attractive to both employee and employer, demonstrating true mass appeal.

HyperOffice is Scalable

HyperOffice was created to address the specific needs of small to medium-sized businesses. Conversely, Exchange was designed for Enterprise-level business, making its true value to smaller businesses is a force-fit at best.

HyperOffice Upgrades Are Easy and Pain-Free

In the true spirit of a hosted, software as a service (SAAS) solution, HyperOffice boasts a rich product roadmap and is constantly rolling out new applications and upgrades, providing customized, flexible solutions, with the speed to maintain your competitive edge. These upgrades and enhancements are instantly available to you without any effort or costs.

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