Healthcare Admin Automation

Rescuing healthcare administrative processes from spreadsheets

Trusted by the best allows us to automate manual paper processes, and take data from emails, phone calls, Excel spreadsheets into our online app – an accessible, correct, single source of information.

Taylor Martin – Manager, Clinical Resource Team, MGH Hospital

Pick apps right off the shelf

Choose from our wide range of pre-built apps from healthcare administrative processes and get started right away

Surge Staffing

Match surplus staff with critical requirements elsewhere in the organization

Security Access Forms

Manage access to critical hospital systems

Vaccination Tracking

Centralize and manage vaccination campaigns

Staff onboarding

Lead new staff through the onboarding process

Credential Management

Manage staff certifications and renewals

Any other process

Automate any spreadsheet based process!

Automate any spreadsheet based process lets you automate ANY spreadsheet based process in a real time online environment, in the process saving you hours every day!

  • Real-time
  • Team based
  • Automated assignments
  • Text and email notifications

Learn and improve with Reports

Generate visual reports for an overview of your operation and to get insights from your data