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Garten Rothkoph is an international advisory firm serving corporations, governments and financial institutions. The firm provides high-level strategic, analytical and transactional support for chief executives, investors and senior government officials.


All clients are directly served by the firm’s principals and supported by professional staff in Washington, DC, New York as well as by a global advisory network of internationally known experts. Garten Rothkoph specializes in enabling firms and other organizations to identify and seize opportunities and manage risks associated with a small number of important transformational trends. In each case, the firm draws on unique resources and expertise to meet specific client needs and objectives.


The communication among offices and teams is facilitated by their use of HyperOffice to share documents and schedule events on their global and group HyperOffice calendar system. Many of their users are not tech-savvy, so it is paramount to have a simple to use, yet robust system. With the ability to customize the homepage associated with each group and designate profiles to limit the presence of parts of the program that may not be applicable, Garten Rothkopf was able to create a simultaneously robust and easy to use solution for their users.

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