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Think Green From The Ground Up

FoamBuilt, LLC specializes in super-efficient building envelopes, a foundational aspect of Green Building. As a means to make a building more energy-efficient, safer, healthier, quieter, stronger and more environmentally sound, FoamBuilt sells and installs foam-based panelized wall systems, as well as spray polyurethane foam insulation.


In reevaluating their current collaborative solution, budget was a major factor. It was basically a matter of spending $6,000.00 to upgrade their outdated MS Exchange server hardware and software or finding a solution that is more cost effective. Through research, we found that we could accomplish the same functionality and much more with HyperOffice, for a fraction of the cost.


The Results

We use HyperOffice as our central hub for communication and storage/collaboration on files and documents. Instead of emailing files back and forth, now we just save them to the HyperDrive, and notify the person that it’s there for their reference. This also allows multiple people to make changes to the same document. How it affected the internal processes/communication within your organization. Communication is much smoother now. And we love the fact that we can access files from anywhere in the world from a web-connected computer. This alone has helped us out of a lot of tight spots.

Danny Small President of FoamBuilt

A Green Future

After over a year with HyperOffice, FoamBuilt is beginning to dig deeper into the advanced features of HyperOffice such as the Sharepoint Alternative aspects of the product as a means to enhance the way information is presented dynamically and create a client portal to enhance their client communication in conjunction with the HyperMeeting product.

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