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Fluent Energy, formerly LepCorp (Leveraged Energy Purchasing Corporation), was created in 1994 to assist organizations that wanted to be better informed when it came to making energy purchasing decisions, but lacked the expertise or resources to do so.Since then, Fluent Energy has served as a trusted advisor in both a managerial and a consulting capacity to organizations interested in procuring wholesale energy and acting as their own energy service company (ESCO). Fluent Energy helps customers determine what is best for their organization, and make sure they are taking full advantage of the deregulated energy market. They assist clients in finding the perfect balance of savings and stability.


HyperOffice is used as a means to collaborate between their partner organizations as well as projects that require interaction with contractors or regionally dispersed teams. With multiple groups and various permission levels, the Fluent Energy team was able to fully customize the portal right down to the individual user experience. In the full implementation of HyperOffice, Fluent Energy has a number of clients, partners and multiple levels of internal employees using the portal in a completely separate capacity. This approach allowed Fluent energy to not only streamline IT operations to manage the portal, but also their internal processes and maintenance.

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