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Fidelity Wes Builders is a custom home construction company in Illinois. In business since 1992, Fidelity Wes Builders has had quite a long time to try out different collaboration methods and figure out what works best for them. As a custom home builder, the company has to be on the same page as the owner and architect.


Before HyperOffice, Fidelity Wes Builders had tried using MS Exchange and Server but found it to be too pricey. Between making sure the servers were up and running, maintenance, and keeping up with the costs, MS Exchange was just not an efficient solution. Fidelity Wes began research through Yahoo and came across HyperOffice.


Now that Fidelity Wes has switched over to HyperOffice, they are able to coordinate more effectively with projects. They use different groups for different projects and within each group they have their own space for information on inspections and closings. The biggest advantage for Fidelity Wes is they don’t have to “have any inner IT personnel dealing with servers”. With the field superintendents at the site location and other project members at the office, the web-based feature has “worked flawlessly” for the company.

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