Why Extranets?

In the modern business context, there is a great need for companies to collaborate with employees who are traveling, or working from remote locations or home. Moreover, there is also a greater need to integrate with suppliers, partners and clients.

Extranets are a great way to meet these collaboration needs, and moreover impress and improve relations with clients and partners. Learn more about what an extranet is.

When our customers are well-informed about all meetings, events and project schedules, it helps build a solid reputation with them. HyperOffice has enabled us to improve our product offerings and overall customer service with this critical business tool.

Bo SafrangPresident, TSS Wireless

Enhance Relationships and Improve Satisfaction with Custom Extranets

In an environment where customers expect more from organizations, you can set yourself apart by easily creating a dedicated online location for your clients where you maintain document libraries, publish training material, have discussions, manage joint tasks or conduct satisfaction surveys.

Impress and make for strong corporate relationships with branded extranets for partners and clients with rich collaboration tools like document collaboration, contact management, contact directories, forums, polls, and more.

Universally Accessible

You can work from any web enabled PC or Mac. Simply sign in online and pick up work from where you left it last time!

Dynamic Collaborative Portal Sites

 Build more than dull static pages. Choose from our range of collaboration tools like document management, task management, calendars, contacts lists, and more, to create thriving collaborative portals.

Benefits of HyperOffice Extranet Site Publisher

No Hardware or Software Hassles

 You don’t need any cumbersome hardware servers or software downloads for an intranet rich with enterprise class features. Just sign up online and get started in minutes!


 All you need to do is drag and drop elements to create finely customized extranet pages.

Universal Access

All your distributed teams, partners and clients need to get on your extranet is an internet connected PC, Mac or mobile.

Centralized Management

 HyperOffice lets you manage multiple extranets and publish any number of new extranets from an easy to use console.

Brand Extranet Portal

In addition to customizing other aspects of the extranet, you can also brand them with customized logos.


Robust Collaboration Tools

Robust collaboration tools like document management, forums, project management, calendars, directories and more ensure that your intranets are dynamic, interactive workspaces rather than static content pages. 

Highly Secure

 99.9% uptime, password protection, industry-class 128-bit encryption and automatic backups ensure failsafe security of your data and systems. 

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