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Electronics Recycling Business Management & Automation Suite

Pick from a library of apps to help you streamline your electronics recycling operations and stay compliant

Downstream Vendor Audits

Make the process of auditing your downstream vendors and make sure they comply a breeze

Chain of custody tracker

Allow customers track the chain of custody of their e-recycling lots to final disposition.

Inventory Management

Manage and track your electronics waste inventory throughout its lifecycle

Material Throughput Tracking

Track materials as they move through your facilities.

Compliance Notifications

Make sure you keep on top of important compliance events

Custom Applications & Forms

Quickly create apps and forms customized for your processes.

It’s whatever you want it to be!

The Electronics Recycling Business Management Suite is extremely flexible and modular. Create customized apps for your unique processes. Pick and choose apps based on your requirements.

Here’s a sampling of apps you can choose from

Chain of custody tracker

Allow clients to transparently track the entire eWaste journey. Track chain of custody and key metrics like location, category, subcategory, value, ESG metrics and more.


Material Throughput Tracker

Sort, categorize and track materials as they enter the facility, get processed, leave the facility and travel downstream.


Downstream Vendor Audits

Make sure that your downstream is compliant. Pick from a range of templates to gather critical information from downstream vendors and integrate your operations.


Facility Inspections

Keep on top of your Facility Inspection requirements

  • Conduct inspections against inspection checklists
  • Be reminded of upcoming inspections
  • Assign and manage corrective actions
  • Have an audit ready trail of past inspections

Training Dashboard

Streamline your entire training operation while complying with recordkeeping requirements. Leverage tools like training tracker, training calendar, quizzes, reports and more.


Compliance Workflow Automation

Keep on top of important compliance events with email and SMS notifications

..and More

Whether it is material inventory tracking, R2 events reminders, data sanitization video library, our library of R2 enablement apps is ever growing.