The best of both worlds – collaboration and social business software

HyperOffice Social is the first ever combination of modern enterprise social media software with collaboration software. Your enterprise social network fosters open, intuitive sharing, while collaboration tools let you manage structured business tasks. Your benefits:

HyperSocial does the hard work for you

Updates about people, files and projects now come to your activity wall

Break silos

by monitoring activity of interest across the company and share information directly with people and groups

Reduce email dependence

by having conversations on social walls and attaching documents and projects

Put people front and center of collaboration

by allowing people to easily connect and share information

Personal and Group Activity Streams

All the activity across the company streamed to you in real time.

Personal and Group Profiles

Find skills in your organization

Social Messaging

Time to outgrow emailing back and forth. Have team conversations in one place.

Attach files, projects, contacts, calendars and links

Pull structured collaboration elements in social conversations.

Follow people, groups, documents, projects and more

Get updates right on your wall anytime anything changes.

Instant Messaging

No more switching between non-secure third party chat software. Chat with your team right within your portal.

There is a lot more to HyperOffice Atlas

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