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ROCKVILLE, Md., May 22 /PRNewswire/ — HyperOffice today released a whitepaper proposing a new approach to managing the increasing problem of email overload.

Every worker today faces the challenge of a growing influx of emails, which rather than helping work, actually saps productivity. A Q4 2008 Basex Research study estimated that businesses lose $650 billion annually in productivity due to unnecessary email interruptions, which account for more than 2 hours per worker daily.

Titled “From Email Bankruptcy to Business Productivity,” the whitepaper is co-authored by Shahab Kaviani, VP Marketing, HyperOffice, and James Gaskin, eminent tech author, speaker and columnist at NetworkWorld and ITworld. James Gaskin will also present a free live webinar on this subject, sponsored by HyperOffice, on May 28, 2009. Anyone can register at

The whitepaper shows that the email deluge stems from improper use of email. James Gaskin elaborates “the heart of the problem is trying to use email as a one-size-fit-all tool for information management.”

A big chunk of our emails are “corporate spam” – communications which we control. “Almost half of our emails are interactions of a collaborative nature – working together on files, task management, schedule coordination. A single message evokes a flood of responses with everyone talking to everyone, which causes email chaos,” Gaskin emphasizes.

The authors propose shifting to online collaboration software for collaborative activities. “The email approach treats all corporate data uniformly, and jams it inside the inbox. Collaboration tools offer optimal solutions for different information needs – task management, document management, schedule coordination,” Shahab Kaviani asserts.

“Shifting to online collaboration software for group work helps you reduce the email glut, and also streamlines information management and increases overall productivity, which is the ultimate purpose of any business tool,” Kaviani concludes.

The whitepaper is available at /business-email-overload, along with its multimedia versions (video/powerpoint).

About HyperOffice

Founded in 1998, HyperOffice provides “out-of-the-box” online workspace solutions to growing businesses. Available under pay-as-you-go plans, HyperOffice includes all the tools teams need to be effective – business email, document management, calendars, task management, online meetings, online databases. Companies use HyperOffice as an intranet solution, for project management, or an inexpensive Exchange & SharePoint alternative.

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Shahab Kaviani
Vice President Marketing
HyperOffice Inc.
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