What is eDiscovery? Why is Email Discovery relevant to SMBs?

eDiscovery or electronic discovery refers to the request for specific electronic information in legal court proceedings. e-Discovery has gained prominence because of amendments to the FRCP (Federal Rules of Civil Procedure) which mandate that electronic information relevant to the proceedings be produced by concerned parties, often in very short periods of time. These amendments are meant to keep step with the exponential growth of electronic data in businesses, and affect companies of all sizes across industries.

However, even though the threat of litigation is greater across the board, most SMBs are unprepared for legal discovery requests. According to a survey from Oce Business Services, 57 percent of law firms surveyed say their clients aren’t ready to find and produce information relevant to litigation. The number is undoubtedly even greater amongst SMBs, who tend to think they are not covered by discovery and regulatory compliance issues. These companies run the risk of incurring huge costs, as the costs of ad-hoc eDiscovery often run up to 50% of costs of litigation, with the additional risk of thousands of dollars in judicial fines and penalties.

HyperOffice Email Archiving for eDiscovery

It is imperative that companies be proactively prepared for electronic discovery requests, and insure themselves against tens of thousands of dollars in potential costs. Since a big bulk of electronic data in companies is in the form of email, having email retention policies and systems should figure prominently in company’s retention plans. The Enterprise Strategy Group found that about 80% of electronic discovery events involve email and email attachments.

In earlier years, SMBs chose to undertake the risk of e-discovery costs, because the costs of email archiving and discovery systems with comparably high. However, this cost-benefit analysis does not hold good anymore.

HyperOffice offers SMBs an inexpensive, zero hassle hosted email archiving solution which allows them systematically store and secure all incoming and outgoing company email. Rich email discovery tools built into email archiving allow users to find specific information in response to eDiscovery requests in a matter of clicks. Our email archiving system ensures that all your company emails are stored in tamper proof form for as long as you like. Each email has an inalterable time and ownership stamp to ensure you comply with all legal discovery requirements.

There’s no danger of overshooting deadlines and incurring penalties. Nor any costs ever of scanning backup tapes or hiring data recovery experts.

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