Empower educators, students & administrators with cloud collaboration

HyperOffice empowers educators, administrators, and students with the latest cloud technology to interact, connect, share information and automate processes. Here are some benefits:

Store, share and work together on documents online 

Get away from paper processes by storing documents online and sharing them across administrative offices and departments. You can:

  • Create online document libraries for offices, departments and colleges 
  • Control access with permissions and audit trails
  • Work together on documents with version control and comments

Educational organizations handle highly sensitive information – student records, administrative files etc. HyperOffice brings an impeccable 10 year record in terms of security and includes industry leading features like permission control, file locking, automatic backups, and data encryption.

Streamline administration

Streamline administrative processes in a centralized online environment. You can:

  • Store and manage administrative files online
  • Share and collaborate of files across offices
  • Coordinate office and faculty schedules with shared online calendars
  • Automate data collection and office processes with online forms and workflows.

Manage partners and projects

Educational organizations need to work closely state, industry and private agencies. Plus, highly collaborative research and societal projects are undertaken every year. HyperOffice allows you to create highly customized environments for each partner and initiative. You can:

  • Customize the look, branding and user experience of each collaboration space without any expertise
  • Share and work together on documents
  • Manage joint projects involving internal and external parties
  • Coordinate schedules using shared calendars
  • Automate processes using web forms and workflows

Classroom and faculty collaboration

HyperOffice offers an online platform where educators and students can share information, connect, and freely interact to assist with learning. Students increasingly ask for these tools. You can:

  • Share assignments and course materials with students
  • Allow students to upload homework
  • Set up student and faculty communities
  • Share class events with everyone
  • Manage class projects
Stay connected on the road

Keep everyone connected even when they are at home or travelling. People can access their official mail, contacts, calendars, tasks and documents right on their favorite mobile device – whether an iPhone, iPad, Android or any other.

Move your educational organization to the cloud

Educational organizations are moving to the cloud to reduce in house IT effort and focus on core objectives. HyperOffice is completely web based and can to be deployed with zero in house IT effort. Our professional services team steps up and acts as your IT team for advanced implementations.