Does your online document storage solution have any document size limitations?

No, there are no document size limitations. Our storage solution has an unlimited storage capacity. Each account comes with 250 MB/per user or more, depending on plan. Additional storage can be purchased at only $7/month per 1 GB.

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Can I only upload Word documents? What other file formats are supported within Document Manager?

Our document management system supports all data formats-even emails.

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How do I transfer documents and files into your online document management system?

Transferring documents and files is done with just an Internet connection. You can login to your document management system to upload and download. Or, you can use Web folders to virtually transfer files between your PC and HyperOffice.

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How can I share documents with remote workforces and others outside my company?

Since your documents are stored online, any of your users can access them with a Web browser. You can share documents with anyone in the world if they are a user on your account.

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Do I need to save my documents to a hard drive or file server?

No. All documents that you upload to HyperOffice are stored in a secure, offsite facility. One benefit to online document management is there is no software or hardware for you to install or maintain. Our system functions as an online hard drive and online data backup.

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Does your document management solution provide data backup protection?

Yes. Data backup protection comes standard with every HyperOffice account. Backup is done automatically. There’s nothing for you to manage or schedule. Plus, we offer Web folders that double your backup protection.

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Does your document manager offer document collaboration tools to enable document version control?

Absolutely! HyperOffice fosters document collaboration with an entire suite of document versioning tools. Track versions, append comments, audit modifications, and lock and unlock documents. All management is done online and in real-time.

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How can I restrict access to some documents and leave others open?

HyperOffice has 2 levels of permissions: user and document. First you can limit document access rights to users. This manages which documents users can view. Next, you can limit the modification options for each document. This protects documents from deletion or overwriting.

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 Do you offer SSL encryption during document transfer?

Yes. We use 128-bit encryption to protect files during transfer.

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I have several departments that share documents. How can I organize and store these files?

You can organize documents into convenient folders by department, project, or location.

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