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Store, share and collaborate on any file type online.

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Your documents go where you go

Teams today are global, and workers always on the move. And yet, being able to access and work together on presentations, designs, contracts or any other document is as important as ever. With HyperOffice Atlas, your documents, and the ability to collaborate on them instantly is always at your tips.

Enterprise grade features within reach

Secure Storage

Store documents online in a familiar folder structure that you can access from anywhere in the world.

Share Documents

Share documents and folders with colleagues, clients, partners anywhere in the world.


Finely apply policy controls by managing access, and level of access to folders and files.

Version Control

As multiple people work on a file, keep track of document evolution with version control. Revert to earlier versions if needed.

Document Collaboration

Work together on common file types with colleagues and partners anywhere in the world.

Web Folders

Manage cloud based files from a desktop based web folder, like any other desktop folder. Drag and drop upload multiple files and folders.

Full Text Search

Zero in to exactly the information you want across document libraries with full text search.

Social Conversations

Have rich social conversations around documents for context and collaboration.

Create context around documents

Rather than being restricted by file and folder lists, present documents to your teams in a completely customized format. “Link” files together to create context.

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