Robust Document Management

Even the supposed out of the box versions of SharePoint – SharePoint Foundation or WSS – are clunky and non intuitive. HyperOffice as a cloud based alternative to SharePoint which gives you all of Sharepoint’s document management features, but in an easy, anywhere accessible cloud solution.

You can store, organize, share and collaborate on all files with just an internet connection. Plus, you get scores of other collaboration features as well. And tThere’s no software to install, no servers to maintain…ever!

Online Document Storage

 Store and organize any number of files of any size in your secure, online repository.

All Filetypes Supported

 Store and collaborate on any type of file – reports, documents, presentations, images, or video etc – without restriction.

Secure Document Sharing

 You and your teams, partners or clients can easily share files from anywhere within clicks with just an internet connection.

Document Version Control

Keep track of the changes made to a file and easily revert back to earlier versions with robust version control.

Document Collaboration

Collaborate on documents with features like commenting, change notifications, audit trails, document locking, overwrite protection and more.

Access Control

Finely manage who sees what information and what they can do with it. Easily allow read, write, delete access permissions at the workspace, folder/sub-folder or even file level.

Web Folders

 Access and collaborate on files directly from your desktop as if you were using any other Windows folder. Drag and drop upload multiple files and folders to your online repository.

Security and Backups

 Industry class 128-bit encryption keeps your data highly secure. Automatic backups ensure you never lose important data. Your files are stored in secure, offsite data centers equipped with redundant servers that guarantee 99.9% uptime.

Other Collaboration Features

You also get scores of other collaboration features like intranets and extranets, wikis, project management, web databases and online forms, and much more.

The HyperOffice Advantage

Get all the benefits of enterprise class document management software designed for the needs and budget of your growing business.

No Hardware or Software

No document management servers or software. It is all online. Just sign up.


Pay as per a predictable per user per month cost structure. Add users as you grow.

Super Quick Implementation

It is completely cloud based. No months long implementation. Just sign up online, and you’re all set!


Anybody with basic internet smarts can use HyperOffice.

There is a lot more to HyperOffice Atlas

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