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Document collaboration allows you to securely share documents and files with your company, distributed workforces, and business partners. The permission-based collaboration solution gives authorized users secure access to any document anytime, anywhere. Using an online document collaboration tool, you can communicate, share, edit, and view documents live, with just an Internet connection.

Document Collaboration Streamlines Teamwork and Review Processes

Document collaboration promotes teamwork. It facilitates combining talent and experience to arrive at an improved, polished document. In addition, managers are equipped with tools to control the process including document version control, auditing, and commenting.

The HyperOffice Document Collaboration Solution

HyperOffice’s approach to document collaboration includes a complete online document management and collaboration system.

Document Sharing

Document collaboration with just an Internet connection. Assign read, write, and deletion permissions.

Document Version Control

Track document versions with comments, audit trails, pruning, and overwrite protection.

Online File Storage

Easy-to-use online file storage solution that works without any software or hardware. Organize documents into folders by department, location, or project.

Online Data Backup

Backup data and safeguard files with strict permissions, overwrite protection, and deletion recovery.

Web Folders

Simply drag-and-drop documents to and from your local drive for virtual access.

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