Email for Document Collaboration is Passe

Passing around documents as email attachments for document collaboration is simply too outmoded, inefficient and frustrating. The more contributors a document has, the more disastrous it becomes.

HyperOffice is a robust yet simple online document collaboration system which allows users permissions based access to documents from anywhere in the world, and allows them to co author any document type such as MS Word, OpenOffice, PowerPoint, Excel.

It equips managers and collaborators with tools for control such as version management, comments, audit trails, notifications and more.


Shared Document Folders

Share documents with anyone using pasword protected online document folders.

Document Collaboration

Anyone with the necessary rights can make edits to documents in shared folders.

Document Version Control

 Version control allows you to keep track of how a document evolved, and who made changes. Roll back to earleir versions with a simple click.

Document Comments

Have conversations and discussions around every document.

More Tools

Simplify the collaboration process with change notifications, audit trails, file locking and more.

Permission Management

Finely control access to documents, and level of editorial rights.

Web Folders

 Simply open and drag-and-drop documents from a desktop based “web folder”.


HyperOffice is a full blown online document managment system. See the full list of document management features.

There is a lot more to HyperOffice Atlas

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