Network Reliability

At HyperOffice, we strive to provide highly secure and reliable hosting services to our customers. To this end we have selected NTT/VERIO as our hosting partner. NTT/VERIO, the worldwide leader in hosting and Internet security, operates our Premier Data Centers with experience that is unmatched in the industry.

State-of-the-Art Infrastructure

Our premier Data Centers are redundant, reliable and housed in secure facilities. Among their infrastructure features:

  • Cutting edge fire protection, including an early warning system that samples the air and helps detect potential fires up to two days beforehand
  • FM200 gas fire suppression system
  • Dry pipe sprinkler system
  • Continuous, uninterruptible power
  • Environmental management, including air conditioning, water detection and humidity control
  • On-site Site Control Center
  • On-site security guards 24/7, 365
  • Mantraps and biometric hand scanners to guard entries and exits

Secure Socket Layer Encryption (SSL)

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 128-bit Encryption is available as an upgrade option for those customers interested in adding an extra layer of security to their online workplace.

SSL Encryption provides an extra level of protection to your intranet, giving you the peace of mind that all communication, collaboration and data exchange with colleagues and customers are conducted in a secure environment. Based on advanced code scrambling technology SSL Encryption prevents hackers and other intruders from accessing your data.

For more information about SSL 128-bit Encryption, pleaseĀ contact us.

Privacy and security

When you choose HyperOffice, you can rest assured that your data is secure regardless of what may happen to your personal computer, or even your company’s network. Today, loss, theft, and virus attacks require companies and individuals alike to contemplate their own backup and security procedures.

Even in this environment, HyperOffice has maintained 99.9% uptime. Should your personal computer crash, you may still access critical email, files, projects and contact information on any computer with a web browser.

Data Integrity

HyperOffice employees must follow a strict policy on user privacy and security. Some regulations include:

  • All HyperOffice employees must sign a strict non-disclosure agreement concerning user data. Violation of the agreement carries severe legal penalties.
  • Passwords are never provided over the phone.
  • Only select HyperOffice employees with top security access may access the physical servers, which house user data.

Data security

We have implemented one of the industry’s most rigorous security protocols to protect your data-and our reputation. Our data security strategy is based on three principles:

  • Deployment of multiple levels of data security.
  • Use of the latest security practices and industry-leading security products.
  • Regular reviews, analysis, and updates of HyperOffice policies and security practices to identify potential weaknesses.

HyperOffice has led the industry by implementing multiple levels of security. Your information is protected from other Internet users by way of user authentication, from hackers with industry leading firewall software, and from actual intruders through multiple forms of protection provided by our hosting partner, NTT/Verio, the worldwide leader in hosting and Internet security.

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