Feel Straight-jacketed by a Traditional Portal?

Traditional portals offer limited customization and little or no ability to add your own content either as separate pages or as enhancements to existing ones. Often, your branding options are narrow and only a professional services representative of the vendor can implement them. Segmenting the custom content you want to add based upon your users’ roles is not even an option.

Whether your company coordinates its activities with many consultants, partners, and suppliers or performs solely as a tight-knit team of employees, you deserve a collaboration solution whose content you can tailor to your way of conducting business.

Why Customize Your Portal with HyperOffice and HyperOffice Publisher?

In short, you want to make it easy for everyone who does business with you to do it better and faster. An intranet or extranet tailored to your unique business needs with the collaboration tools of HyperOffice and the ability to create your own custom content using HyperOffice Publisher is a powerful way to:

  • Manage projects
  • Manage internal teams
  • Manage customers and partners
  • Roll out promotions
  • Broadcast late breaking news

If you’ve been using HyperOffice, you know how easy it is for a non-technical Group Administrator to:

  • Tailor collaboration features to your specific business needs
  • Create dashboards based on Group (employee, consultant, partner, supplier)
  • Personalize dashboards based on Profile (manager, contributor reviewer)
  • Create as many Groups and Profiles as you want.
  • Combine them any way you see fit.

You now have the power to make your portal accommodate any business scenario.Make your pages even more usable when you use HyperOffice Publisher to:

  • Brand your look and feel
  • Control layout with templates
  • Blend custom content with HyperOffice tools

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