Make for Satisfied Customers with Customer Portal Customization

Are you tired of using endless emails and attachments to share and review documents (proposals, reports…etc) with your customers? Are you looking for a better way to check customer schedules, setup meetings, invite and notify attendees and manage your meetings? Tired of countless phone calls and messages to coordinate a meeting?

Custom Branded Portal for Each Customer

With portal customization you can create a unique profile for each of your customers. When customers login to your portal (extranet) they will have access to features and information that you want them to. Depending on what rights and permissions you have given them, they can see, change and manage the meetings and documents that you have set up for them.

They can setup a new meeting or change the agenda for an upcoming meeting. They have access to documents that are relevant to them and can collaborate on these documents with file locking, commenting, versioning, auditing, file level permissions and more. Any HyperOffice feature and application can be turned on and off.

Smoothen Customer Interactions and Information Exchange

Spend less time on redundant customer management tasks and more time on getting new customers. Your customers will appreciate the professional, efficient and cutting edge infrastructure that you have setup. No more lost emails, wrong attachments, miscues, and dissatisfied customers.

You can manage your customer portal by choosing exactly which of your personal or group features (calendars, documents, contacts, email and more) they will have access to:

Shared Calendars 

Decide if the customer will have access to a personal calendar. How about shared calendars? Will they have the ability to set up meetings and check calendars of other users within their portal?

Online Documents

Will they have access to personal and shared documents? What level of permission do they have for documents? Can they just review it or truly collaborate by making changes?

Online Contact Management 

Will they have access to all of the contact management features within HyperOffice? Do you want them to only store shared contacts?

Professional Business Email 

Do you want your customer to have emailing capability? Will they need to contact others within the portal?

When our customers are well-informed about all meetings, events and project schedules, it helps build a solid reputation with them. HyperOffice has enabled us to improve our product offerings and overall customer service with this critical business tool.

Bo SafrangPresident, TSS Wireless

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