Do I need to install any software to access online contact management tools?


Absolutely not! Our online contact management is accessible from any Web-enabled device or computer. There’s nothing to install or maintain.

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Can I import and export contact lists into and out of your contact manager?


Yes. You can synchronize with Outlook, import from a spreadsheet, and export into another contact management system.

Learn more about our contact manager and contact manager features.

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Can I organize my contact list into categories or groups and restrict access?


Yes. First, you can create as many groups as you want and dedicate a contact list to that group. Then you can organize each contact into categories that can be easily sorted and searched.

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Is there a limit on the quantity of contacts I can have within my online address book?


No. You can add unlimited contacts to your businesses online address book. Most customers create a company directory, external global address book, personal address book, and dedicate other address books to project teams, departments, or remote locations.

Learn more about our online address book.

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