Why Are Organizations Making a Beeline for Collaboration Software?

Pundits have identified online collaboration software as one of the most sought after business applications in the times to come. The reasons are evident. In earlier times, employees were gathered at one office location, and the need to interact with partners and customers was limited. Times have changed now.

The new realit consists of multiple offices, outsourcing partners, scattered employees, and a greater need to integrate up and down the value chain. Online collaboration software helps everyone share and work together on information much better in this context. The more efficiently and easily your employees are able to work together, the more effective your organization will be.

HyperOffice has given us the exact solution we are looking for - a secure and scalable integrated portal for our entire organization. The groupware features have allowed us to achieve our goal of the collaboration workplace at a much more reasonable cost.

Carroll RossPartner, Collaborative Solutions

The HyperOffice Advantage: Fully Hosted and Outsourced

HyperOffice’s online collaboration software gives you all the tools you need to work effectively with teams, customers and partners. With HyperOffice, there’s no physical software to install, no servers to set up, no experts to hire. All you need to do is to sign up online, and you can immediately start using the most comprehensive, yet easy to use, collaboration toolkit on market.

Benefits of HyperOffice Collaboration Software

HyperOffice is a simple, robust  and affordable online collaboration solution. You can quickly and easily access business-class email, group calendars, critical documents, business contacts, or other business data from any Internet connection. You can use shared group workspaces to organize group information and enhance teamwork. Project management tools help you orchestrate teams spread across locations. Collaboration used to be costly and complicated. With HyperOffice, you can begin collaboration in less than 2 minutes! There’s no software to install, no servers to maintain and best of all we serve as your IT department.

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