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Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh have joined together to collaborate on a project management study. Since the professors are working from separate places, they needed a collaboration tool to help ease communication and connectivity regarding the study.


Security was without a doubt one of their concerns. The study is being done through and for the universities, which is classified information. Therefore, SSL was a necessity. The professors needed other tools such as a shared documents and calendars solution. Testing information and schedules would need to be agreed on. However, because the professors only need a solution for their one study, they needed a solution that would have an easy set-up and obligation-free.


By having a subscription option, HyperOffice allows for a project-based solution. HyperOffice was able to provide everything that the project management study would require. Additionally, the HyperDrive feature allows for a more user-friendly way of uploading documents. HyperOffice seems to be a perfect fit for collaborating on the project management study.

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