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Atlas brings you a highly reliable cloud based business email solution with no requirement for any expensive hardware or complex software. But there is more. Business email comes with inbuilt collaboration features like file repositories, shared calendars, projects and more which make your team even more productive.

We have special plans for Internet Service Providers (ISP) looking for a hosted email server for its subscribers
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Here is why it’s win-win-win

I remember when we were a company using Hotmail as our network hub. HyperOffice has helped organize all of our business lives, and its flexibility of use from remote work stations has made keeping up while travelling easy.

Tristan Goldberg, RLED

Feature Set


Compatible with any IMAP & POP3 Client

Works with Outlook

Keep using your beloved Outlook client

Mobile Push Email

Instantly get email on your iPhone, Android or any other native mobile client via ActiveSync.

MS Exchange Alternative

HyperOffice is a fully cloud based alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

Email Folders

Create unlimited folders to organize your email

Rules and Filters

Set up rules and filters to direct mails to specific folders, set up auto-responses etc.

Unlimited Team Aliases

Set up aliases for yourself, or to share between team members.

Email Archiving

Rich hosted email archiving.

Shared Calendars

Manage personal and team schedules with rich calendars

Shared Address Books

Create unlimited lists to manage personal and team contacts

Shared Documents

Store and share documents online. Attach and save files directly from your online folders.

Shared Tasks

Create and assign tasks to your team members.

There is a lot more to HyperOffice Atlas

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