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Unless you’ve been living in a cardboard box lately, you probably know that the iPhone 3G goes on sale this Friday morning, July 11. My inbox has been filled with pitches from companies that have developed offerings to leverage, exploit or augment the iPhone. I’ll share the best ones as they come in. Here are a couple that seem worthy.

The first is the OneStop remote e-mail management service from Azaleos. The service lets organizations synchronize and centrally control 3G and firmware-upgraded first generation iPhones using their Microsoft Exchange infrastructure. The benefits, says Azaleous, of using its OneStop service include constantly synced email, calendars and contacts; the ability to erase all data from lost or stolen iPhones using the Remote Wipe function; and enhanced IT control not available with IMAP or POP3 accounts.

The OneStop services work with the Azaleos OneServer for Microsoft Exchange 2007, says the company, which is a high availability e-mail appliance that is managed remotely by experts in the Azaleos network operations center. The services include real-time monitoring, remote maintenance, anti-virus/anti-spam, disaster recovery, and archival storage.

The second offering is HyperOffice, an Exchange alternative for small and mid-sized businesses.

You access HyperOffice through the Safari browser on the iPhone, or on a Windows or Mac using any browser. The $7-or-so/month service gives you a suite of web-based applications, including shared documents, calendars, contacts, projects and tasksbusiness-class email without spam and virusesdocument management with online storagedocument versioning, user rights and commenting, discussion groups, security and backup.


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