5 Best Free Online Database Software

If you are looking for a good online database that can help you manage your everyday routine business procedures or just an easy-to-use database that you can use to store information about anything and everything going on in your business, then you have landed on the right page. We are here to tell you all … Read more

A Comparison Between Airtable and Monday.com

One of the great benefits of the explosion of cheap, easy-to-use cloud software is that there are at least half a dozen tools to accomplish almost any task. Project management software solutions Airtable and Monday.com take slightly different approaches to solve most teams’ problems of tracking shared projects and work. Let’s explore how Airtable and … Read more

Humanitarian Data collection in Under-Resourced, Disaster Affected, and Offline Settings With Workmap

In low-resource environments, the data collected can be used to inform action and improve the quality, efficiency, or impact of the response. Evaluation of the effectiveness and performance of humanitarian organizations is evolving. There is pressure to increase the effectiveness and authenticity of humanitarian projects. In particular, impact measurement is the key, and aid workers … Read more