Updates on SharePoint workflow end-of-life for SharePoint Online. A viable alternative.

Continuing the trend of retiring its traditional database and process tools, Microsoft just announced the end-of-life of Sharepoint workflows in Sharepoint online. A couple of years ago, Microsoft had similarly retired the online version of Microsoft Access available through SharePoint online. Going by Google search volumes for “Sharepoint workflows”, it seems like a lot of … Read more

Microsoft Access 101 – The Basics of Access

Microsoft Access is the original “no code” platform created for people who have no specialized database knowledge, but want to manage their information or create simple applications. However, many might still find MS Access daunting, which is why there is a thriving market of MS Access alternatives, which introduce yet another level of simplicity. So … Read more

The Ultimate Telecommuting Guidelines, Best Practices, and Tools

Telecommuting, also known as remote work, is a contemporary approach in which an employee offers services to an employer from home or any other preferred workplace. Telecommuting means to contribute to work without having to physically commute to work. To put it simply, telecommuting means working remotely or working from home. While we might instinctively … Read more

MS Access vs WorkMap – The Best Access Alternative in 2020

Are you looking for the best MS Access alternative of 2020? MS Access is often labeled as the best database software by professionals in small-medium enterprises that use the database management system for recording, organizing, and managing data to create professional reports as needed. MS Access was built around the feature of professionally managing and … Read more

4 database applications to capture and display your COVID-19 data

Beyond the human crisis, data is critical in understanding the unfolding Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone’s eyes are riveted to this data – how many cases? where? how fast is it growing? Phrases uttered in mathematics and statistics departments have become everyday parlance – “exponential growth”, “flattening the curve”, “growth factor”. Data resources like the John Hopkins … Read more

Top 5 Zoom Alternatives

Millions of teams suddenly forced to suddenly work from home have flocked to Zoom. And why not, Zoom offers a great option to quickly and easily communicate with each other. However, there have been reports of some teams experiencing issues with Zoom Strangers guessing the Zoom conference link and trolling participants. A Zoom conference being … Read more

5 team communication tools to enable remote teams amid COVID-19

Your company is probably scrambling to keep your teams productive during this #suddenlyremote episode. Here are some tools that can help your teams be fully communicative and productive while working from home: 1. uShare.to uShare.to is a group chat, audio/video meeting and collaboration solution. Pros Persistent workspaces Includes video/audio meetings, screen sharing and group chat … Read more

Using cloud communication & chat for emergency response to COVID-19

A lot has been said and written about cloud based communication technologies helping teams go “suddenly remote” during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, there is not enough emphasis on the “remote collaboration” problems faced by public services and administrators who have had this crisis suddenly foisted upon them. A rapid response has to be coordinated across … Read more

10 telework tips for teams working from home because of coronavirus

The rapid global spread of Coronavirus has compelled many teams to become “virtual” teams. Google, Microsoft, NTT, Amazon and tens of thousands of companies have advised their employees to work from home in affected parts of the world. While some companies, especially tech companies, already offer the “telecommuting” option, it is a completely new experience … Read more