10 Situations in which Sharepoint is Clearly Better for you – by Sharepoint Rival

#allhailsharepoint   #sharepointisthesolution Let’s make no bones about it. We are a Sharepoint competitor, and much of our time is spent hatching schemes to win Sharepoint customers. However, even we have our honest moments. We must shyly admit, Sharepoint is clearly the best choice in some situations. Before we go back to our scheming ways, here … Read more

Sharepoint Pros and Cons

The exact number of companies that use Sharepoint is hard to come by. However, the fact that Office 365 for Business, the environment in which Sharepoint is increasingly deployed, now was 180 Million users, indicates that it is probably the largest player in the online collaboration space. However, Sharepoint is not perfect for everyone, and … Read more

SharePoint pros and cons 2019 – Is SharePoint worth it?

SharePoint is a software that is used by many businesses that are looking for a web-based collaborative platform. It launched in 2001 and has been around for an outstanding 18 years. In those 18 years it has gained many supporters while at the same time gaining many people who were left dissatisfied. Today we’re going … Read more