No Code Tools for Dummies

There once was a time in the not-so-distant past where the construction of web applications was limited to experienced programmers. However, nowadays, with the rise of “no-code” software, website creation, workflow automation, app building, and so many more virtual opportunities are available to everyone regardless of their technological background. So, what exactly does “no-code” mean? … Read more

Replacing MS Access with WorkMap

Are you looking to collaborate with a team on a database? Do members of your team use Macs to complete their work? Would you like to have your data stored and updated in real time in a cloud-based application? You and your team should make the switch to WorkMap! WorkMap is a cloud-based database solution … Read more A Microsoft InfoPath Alternative

Looking for an InfoPath alternative? Ever since Microsoft announced their plans to completely phase out their popular electronic form submission software “InfoPath” by 2026, more and more users have been stuck looking for an alternative that meets their data forms needs without breaking the bank or being too difficult to adapt to. Luckily for (former) … Read more

Limitations of Slack and Microsoft Team for Working with Extended Teams

Looking to set up a communication platform for a large, multi-level team? If you’ve done any research into popular messaging products, you’ve probably come across Slack and Microsoft teams – two of the biggest players in the collaboration software industry. These products certainly have their merits, but what you may not realize is that their … Read more

10 Activities for Virtual Team Building

Team building is a great way to strengthen any group, by building a greater sense of trust and strengthening the focus on common goals. In a time when many offices have to work remotely, it is very important to maintain the sense of teamwork and collaboration that comes from sharing an office space. Virtual team … Read more

WorkMap: a Lotus Approach Alternative

Lotus Approach Alternative – Free Trial If you still have any Lotus Approach databases lying around, it is definitely time to upgrade them. In 2013, IBM stopped selling and supporting Lotus 1-2-3 which includes Lotus Approach.  Additionally, Lotus Approach databases may become increasingly difficult to maintain and update with new versions of Windows which are … Read more

Transitioning from Excel to a Relational Database (such as MS Access or

For most of us, Excel is the go-to business tool for storing and organizing information- it’s familiar and relatively efficient.  While Excel is definitely an effective tool for analyzing and visualizing data, it’s not always the best choice for long-term solutions. If you are maintaining a spreadsheet that is continuously growing or one that many … Read more

How To – Migrating from MS Access to WorkMap Through CSV

Ever since Microsoft announced its plans to retire MS Access from its productivity suite, Office 365, more and more users have begun the process of migrating from this outdated software in search of more innovative, cloud-based solutions. Luckily, there’s This more modern, effective, and user-friendly online alternative to MS Access makes the transition away … Read more

SharePoint Workflow Alternative – A comparison

WorkMap Free Trial If you actively use Sharepoint workflows, you are probably aware that Sharepoint workflows in Sharepoint online are on the verge of being retired. As you scramble for an alternative, I would like to present in comparison to Sharepoint Workflows. Hopefully you will discover that you can recreate everything you managed in … Read more

Updates on SharePoint workflow end-of-life for SharePoint Online. A viable alternative.

Continuing the trend of retiring its traditional database and process tools, Microsoft just announced the end-of-life of Sharepoint workflows in Sharepoint online. A couple of years ago, Microsoft had similarly retired the online version of Microsoft Access available through SharePoint online. Going by Google search volumes for “Sharepoint workflows”, it seems like a lot of … Read more