Homeless Management Information System for Non-profits using No-code Tools

No-code tools and cloud software have become a game-changer for nonprofits who work for the Homeless Management Information System. Read our blog to understand the benefits of no-code tools to improve the HMIS data system for your nonprofit organization. What is a Homeless Management Information System? Homeless Management Information Systems are software systems that record … Read more

Aid Case Management System for Non-profits Using No-code Tools

Because of the development of no-code solutions in everyday life, case management for NGOs has become more accessible and convenient due to digital advancement and technical upgrades. No-code tools and cloud-based software have become a game-changer in the betterment of society and overall progress in the digital market.  It’s challenging to maintain track of social … Read more

Protection Case Management System for Non-profits using No-code Tools

In recent times case management for NGOs has been more accessible and convenient due to the advent of no-code solutions into everyday life due to digital advancement and technical upgrades.  When social and human aid programs are kept on paper or in spreadsheets, it’s tough to keep track of them. Things become even more complicated … Read more

Cloud Case Management for Non-profitable organizations

It’s difficult to manage social and human services programs when they’re kept on paper or in spreadsheets. When donors require reports and measurements, things get even more convoluted. When nonprofit organizations try to assess program impact, program management becomes even more difficult.  One reason for such a crisis is that NGOs work specifically for the … Read more

The Best 5 No-Code Automation Tools for 2022

In today’s over-saturated software market, when the demand for programmers far outnumbers the supply, no-code technologies provide a ray of hope. With no code, even a high schooler can create some fantastic websites, frameworks, outlines, and databases, which used to require tonnes of rigorous coding and years of experience.  If you want a feasible choice … Read more

No-Code Automation for Dummies

Are you wondering how to make your business flourish but are stuck in the eternal loop of coding and programming? Fret not! With web-based technical advancements, making your websites, apps, and databases is now feasible using no-code automation. No-code automation reduces the hefty workload of maintaining databases and introduces non-technical users to coding in a … Read more

How Non-profit organizations Can Benefit From No Code Automation

With technology being an integral part of our daily lives, it is no doubt that the main aspect of it is productive and efficient functioning to achieve desirable outcomes. In any working industry, one expects quick responses and optimized management to deliver their products and services to the general public. Achieving this normally involves some … Read more

5 ways in which WorkMap.ai can simplify COVID rapid/PCR testing and vaccination drives

Organizations across the board have stepped up and participated in the testing and vaccinations drives to help combat the COVID pandemic. However, many of these organizations were not equipped with the right information tools to organize these drives. As a result, they have fallen back upon cobbling together systems consisting of web forms, WordPress plugins, … Read more

Microsoft Excel vs Access – Pros and Cons

Data is everywhere and used by almost everyone. Data management tools like Microsoft Excel are introduced to students in high school and used throughout postsecondary and the workplace. Many companies use Excel spreadsheets to manage their calculations, forecasting, analytics, and contacts, but oftentimes there are limitations to such “basic” tools. When this happens, many companies … Read more

8 best online database builder Applications for 2021

As businesses seek to take control of their processes, the market for online database builder applications has been picking up. The following is a list of the best available choices. 1. WorkMap Online Database Builder WorkMap is a no-code online database builder with built in workflow automation capabilities. Its features include: Real-time online database tables … Read more