5 ways in which Intranets can help businesses during the Coronavirus epidemic

Businesses have anxiously followed the unfolding of the Coronavirus epidemic over the last couple of months. While their foremost priority is to keep employees safe and healthy, but they also don’t want to react in panic. In this situation, clear and timely communication between the management and employee base is critical. Intranets, as the hub … Read more

Migrating Microsoft Access Online

Besides other limitations, the main disadvantage of Microsoft Access is that it is not available online. Inspite of the power Access brings, this imposes severe restrictions unpalatable to users who are now hooked to benefits of the cloud – device independence, working in a team context etc. Because of this, even companies who have painstakingly … Read more

Dear Pan….The collaboration agony column #1 – A team torn by email addiction.

In offering collaboration software for years and years, we tends to see recurring themes in the problems around collaboration that organizations are looking to solve. As a result, we have become “collaboration counselors” of sorts, offering solutions where possible, or sometimes merely salving a troubled soul. This is first in a series of articles laying … Read more

5 Best Intranet Platforms for Small and Medium Businesses

Selecting an Intranet solution among intranet platforms can be a daunting task. Various vendors offer a diverse set of capabilities under the umbrella of the term “Intranet”. The following list presents the most well-known options, along with a quick summary of what they offer. Hopefully, this will help you create a shortlist. Here goes: 1) … Read more

The changing language of collaboration

In all spheres of human life, the language of discourse is constantly shifting. Those of us who thought we were at the cutting edge of culture in our prime, have to constantly watch their tongue lest a “rad”, “fuzz” or “crib” tumble out and make everyone wince. As a marketer in online collaboration software, and … Read more

Sharepoint 101 – the Basics of Sharepoint

Sharepoint can be likened to an organizational swiss-knife. It covers diverse organizational requirements – productivity, collaboration, workflows, knowledge management, search, business intelligence etc. The natural consequence of this depth is complexity. For this reason, most organizations just use a fraction of Sharepoint’s capabilities or move to Sharepoint alternatives which lay more emphasis of user experience … Read more

5 PowerApps Alternatives

Sign up for PowerApps Alternative After retiring Access Web Apps, Microsoft has been pushing users towards Powerapps as an MS Access online alternative. However, many MS Access users have complained about Powerapps’ vastly different structure, and lack of support for relational database features. Other users have complained that PowerApps does not fit it’s “no code” … Read more

Is Microsoft Access in the Cloud a Dream?

The short answer is yes. MS Access ruled the world of do-it-yourself database applications for two decades since its inception in the early 90s. However, around 2010, when cloud computing started to go mainstream, Access struggled to keep up by virtue of its legacy technology. Microsoft made a valiant effort, and briefly launched “Access Web … Read more

5 things that make HyperOffice the most complete among Sharepoint Alternatives

As more and more teams collaborate digitally, Sharepoint is one of the fastest growing collaboration solutions around, given Microsoft’s marketing might. However, the demand for “Sharepoint alternatives” has also grown in parallel. Most people may discover online collaboration through Sharepoint, but many realize it doesn’t quite match their requirements. HyperOffice, as one of the first … Read more

4 Database Forms Examples – Build your own!

Build Database forms in minutes – Start Now A Database Form is a window with information fields that help gather information to be stored in a database or to trigger a process. All relational database systems worth their salt include the ability to create and customize database forms. A good database form creator will give … Read more