WebOffice Alternative – Hundreds of WebEx WebOffice users migrate to HyperOffice as End-of-life date approaches

As the Nov 30, 2014, end-of-life date draws near for Cisco’s WebEx WebOffice, scores of WebOffice users looking for an alternative have approached us. Many of these customers were on WebEx WebOffice for years, and are in the difficult position of not only having to find an alternative, but also find a way to safeguard … Read more

The Microsoft Yammer acquisition, Sharepoint, and social business

It’s a closed deal. The media has widely reported the imminent acquisition of Yammer, the enterprise social network provider, by Microsoft for a whistle-evoking 1.2 Billion dollars. Everyone knows something big is happening here, and experts, in characteristic style, have quickly congregated around opposite ends of the pole – equally shrill in lauding or denouncing … Read more

5 dirty SharePoint Online secrets revealed

When you go through vendor feature datasheets about SharePoint online you get a view of features at a very high level. It’s only once you dive deep and actually start using the software do you get a sense of how it works. The experience might sometimes yield unexpected surprises.… So while you might have absorbed … Read more

5 reasons you should replace Exchange public folders…and MS Exchange itself.

OK, this is an inspired article. But since the subject is so highly relevant to the cloud collaboration audience, I couldn’t help but do my own version. If we see collaboration as evolution, collaborating with Exchange public folders would probably qualify as Neanderthal. But ironically, people continue to use it widely – probably because it … Read more

How to Sync iPhone with Outlook

NOTE – HyperOffice does not support iPhone-Outlook synching anymore While it makes sense to take a strategic approach towards collaboration software, as a tool which will have far reaching effects on how a business operates, oftentimes, businesses opt for collaboration software in response to an immediate problem. This is a first of a series of … Read more

Microsoft Office 365 : An assessment

Yesterday, Microsoft announced the public beta of Office 365, its web based communication, collaboration and productivity software, and successor to Microsoft BPOS. Integrated communication and collaboration is here to stay folks This announcement, and the enthused industry reaction is another shot in the (already bulging) arm of cloud based software. Take a moment to think … Read more

Microsoft BPOS is now Office 365

Office 365: What is it? A couple of hours ago, Microsoft announced the beta release of Office 365, a cloud service that wraps its major offerings – Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office in a unified cloud environment. Experts expected Microsoft to announce that it will upgrade the backend of BPOS to its 2010 range of products, and also … Read more

SharePoint Alternative for Enterprises?

We can’t help but feel the slight self satisfaction of the “I told you so” feeling at the recent debate raging between corporate technology pundits. The moot point is “SharePoint in Enterprise 2.0” and it seems like almost every who’s who in the space has something to say. The general verdict is in the direction … Read more