10 proven intranet best practices for 2018

You’re ready to set up an intranet in your company, or you’ve had one for a while. After thousands of Dollars in investment, months of training and development, you end up with a technologically glorious system…..that nobody uses. Sounds familiar, Google Plus? You hoped your intranet would bring about a productivity and engagement revolution, but … Read more

Intranet vs Sharepoint

Intranet vs Sharepoint? It’s like looking for “websites vs WordPress” or “MAC vs laptop”. To put it simply – Sharepoint is an Intranet platform, amongst other things. What is Sharepoint and what is an intranet? An intranet is a virtual space that is meant to let organizations manage their internal communications and processes. Intranets help … Read more

Build Intranet in less than a day – no code Intranets

Build Intranet in less than a day?Remember the days when building sites and portals seemed like a hugely complex task? Web developers used to be magicians for all of us and we were wondering how they were able to conjure gorgeous websites. “I wish I could do that”, we wistfully mused.  While good UX-UI design … Read more

Intranets and Document Sharing – Do they go together?

Companies —big and small— have a need to store, manage, and share documents online. The question about whether to go digital or not is a foregone conclusion by now. Today’s document management challenges are way more complex. Companies must ensure data security and privacy, accessibility from any device, prevent data corruption, and manage access for … Read more

Is the corporate intranet dead?

All over the Internet, there are blog posts and authors sentencing intranets to death. Is this true? (maybe, why not?). Most of these —somehow— biased blogs express the opinion that Intranets are dead as we used to know them in the past, and how, conveniently, the product they bring is the new cool product every … Read more

7 Real examples of Intranets – and what makes them a great tool for the company intranet

Create your own intranet in 5 minutes Company intranet is the virtual hub of collaboration in organizations. Unlike public websites, which enable organizations to communicate and broadcast their value proposition to customers, users, and, in general, external stakeholders, Intranets are meant to enable internal communication and collaboration. This article shows you some Intranet examples to inspire you … Read more

Your “What intranet software…” questions answered

This post answers common questions people have about the capabilities of an intranet software, and explains how HyperOffice can serve many of these needs. This is part 3 of the “What..” series. You can find parts 1 and 2 here and here. What are the benefits of an intranet software? You might want to look … Read more

From intranets to social intranets – Part 1 (Social intranets and knowledge management)

We tend to get carried away in the mood of the moment. As enterprise social networks started to pick up, weren’t we a little too quick to grab our shovels, prepare tearful eulogies post the “death of intranets” in the manner of “intranets were great BUT…..”, and start to drag the intranet away? Not so quick. Admittedly, … Read more

5 Benefits of an Intranet – Back to the basics

Create your own social intranet in 5 minutes This post would qualify as a part of the “back to the basics” series. While cloud-based business software has gained mainstream adoption over the past couple of years, many companies are dipping their toes in it for the first time, and are still asking the “why” questions. … Read more