4 database applications to capture and display your COVID-19 data

Beyond the human crisis, data is critical in understanding the unfolding Coronavirus pandemic. Everyone’s eyes are riveted to this data – how many cases? where? how fast is it growing? Phrases uttered in mathematics and statistics departments have become everyday parlance – “exponential growth”, “flattening the curve”, “growth factor”. Data resources like the John Hopkins … Read more

Top 5 Zoom Alternatives

Millions of teams suddenly forced to suddenly work from home have flocked to Zoom. And why not, Zoom offers a great option to quickly and easily communicate with each other. However, there have been reports of some teams experiencing issues with Zoom Strangers guessing the Zoom conference link and trolling participants. A Zoom conference being … Read more

5 team communication tools to enable remote teams amid COVID-19

Your company is probably scrambling to keep your teams productive during this #suddenlyremote episode. Here are some tools that can help your teams be fully communicative and productive while working from home: 1. uShare.to uShare.to is a group chat, audio/video meeting and collaboration solution. Pros Persistent workspaces Includes video/audio meetings, screen sharing and group chat … Read more

Using cloud communication & chat for emergency response to COVID-19

A lot has been said and written about cloud based communication technologies helping teams go “suddenly remote” during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, there is not enough emphasis on the “remote collaboration” problems faced by public services and administrators who have had this crisis suddenly foisted upon them. A rapid response has to be coordinated across … Read more

10 telework tips for teams working from home because of coronavirus

The rapid global spread of Coronavirus has compelled many teams to become “virtual” teams. Google, Microsoft, NTT, Amazon and tens of thousands of companies have advised their employees to work from home in affected parts of the world. While some companies, especially tech companies, already offer the “telecommuting” option, it is a completely new experience … Read more

5 ways in which Intranets can help businesses during the Coronavirus epidemic

Businesses have anxiously followed the unfolding of the Coronavirus epidemic over the last couple of months. While their foremost priority is to keep employees safe and healthy, but they also don’t want to react in panic. In this situation, clear and timely communication between the management and employee base is critical. Intranets, as the hub … Read more

Migrating Microsoft Access Online

Besides other limitations, the main disadvantage of Microsoft Access is that it is not available online. Inspite of the power Access brings, this imposes severe restrictions unpalatable to users who are now hooked to benefits of the cloud – device independence, working in a team context etc. Because of this, even companies who have painstakingly … Read more

Dear Pan….The collaboration agony column #1 – A team torn by email addiction.

In offering collaboration software for years and years, we tends to see recurring themes in the problems around collaboration that organizations are looking to solve. As a result, we have become “collaboration counselors” of sorts, offering solutions where possible, or sometimes merely salving a troubled soul. This is first in a series of articles laying … Read more

5 Best Intranet Platforms for Small and Medium Businesses

Selecting an Intranet solution among intranet platforms can be a daunting task. Various vendors offer a diverse set of capabilities under the umbrella of the term “Intranet”. The following list presents the most well-known options, along with a quick summary of what they offer. Hopefully, this will help you create a shortlist. Here goes: 1) … Read more

The changing language of collaboration

In all spheres of human life, the language of discourse is constantly shifting. Those of us who thought we were at the cutting edge of culture in our prime, have to constantly watch their tongue lest a “rad”, “fuzz” or “crib” tumble out and make everyone wince. As a marketer in online collaboration software, and … Read more