Replacing MS Access with WorkMap

Are you looking to collaborate with a team on a database? Do members of your team use Macs to complete their work? Would you like to have your data stored and updated in real time in a cloud-based application? You and your team should make the switch to WorkMap! WorkMap is a cloud-based database solution … Read more

10 Activities for Virtual Team Building

Team building is a great way to strengthen any group, by building a greater sense of trust and strengthening the focus on common goals. In a time when many offices have to work remotely, it is very important to maintain the sense of teamwork and collaboration that comes from sharing an office space. Virtual team … Read more

WorkMap: a Lotus Approach Alternative

Lotus Approach Alternative – Free Trial If you still have any Lotus Approach databases lying around, it is definitely time to upgrade them. In 2013, IBM stopped selling and supporting Lotus 1-2-3 which includes Lotus Approach.  Additionally, Lotus Approach databases may become increasingly difficult to maintain and update with new versions of Windows which are … Read more

Transitioning from Excel to a Relational Database (such as MS Access or

For most of us, Excel is the go-to business tool for storing and organizing information- it’s familiar and relatively efficient.  While Excel is definitely an effective tool for analyzing and visualizing data, it’s not always the best choice for long-term solutions. If you are maintaining a spreadsheet that is continuously growing or one that many … Read more