Save Hours Everyday with No-Code Automations

In the digital age, it has become more important than ever to maintain the highest level of efficiency and productivity possible. Luckily, no-code tools can help you save time and resources by automating your existing work processes.  No-code tools are alternatives to traditional programming languages. These tools allow anyone to build a web app, website, … Read more

10 Best Vaccine Management Systems This database management system built specifically for healthcare administrators offers a myriad of no-code tools available in its “Vaccination Tracking” application. This application includes tools such as a “Vaccine Inventory” workflow where information related to vaccines (manufacturer, expiration date, etc.) can be inputted and filtered. It also includes an eligibility quiz that those looking … Read more

6 Examples of Healthcare Administrators Benefiting from No-Code Software (Part 2)

This is the second entry in a two-part series. Click HERE for part one. Sign up for a demo of here. 4. Hospital Staff Allocation The Hospital Staff Allocation application allows available employees to be redeployed across various units and shifts depending on need. This particular application was borne out of an administrative problem … Read more

6 Examples of Healthcare Administrators Benefiting from No-Code Software (Part 1)

Sign up for a demo of No-code here. Thanks to the rise of No-code, user-friendly database and workflow management tools, healthcare administrators are able to complete their work more efficiently in the modern, digital era. In particular, the cloud-based service provider has developed a variety of no-code application templates specifically for administration. Keep … Read more

Rapid Automation for Healthcare Administrators

In the age of information, the task of keeping up with the latest technologies often seems like a lost cause. Nonetheless, many healthcare leaders are starting to take interest in AI and RPA softwares. This is no surprise, as one study by Thomas Davenport and Ravi Kalakota explains how “These technologies have the potential to … Read more

Rescuing Healthcare Administration from Spreadsheets

The traditional spreadsheet – a classic, simple staple of healthcare administrations far and wide. Whether it be for assigning employee shifts, keeping track of patients, or reporting inventory, healthcare managers use spreadsheets for a wide range of jobs. While you are probably very familiar with the capabilities of spreadsheets, you may be unaware of just … Read more

No Code Tools for Dummies

There once was a time in the not-so-distant past where the construction of web applications was limited to experienced programmers. However, nowadays, with the rise of “no-code” software, website creation, workflow automation, app building, and so many more virtual opportunities are available to everyone regardless of their technological background. So, what exactly does “no-code” mean? … Read more A Microsoft InfoPath Alternative

Looking for an InfoPath alternative? Ever since Microsoft announced their plans to completely phase out their popular electronic form submission software “InfoPath” by 2026, more and more users have been stuck looking for an alternative that meets their data forms needs without breaking the bank or being too difficult to adapt to. Luckily for (former) … Read more

Limitations of Slack and Microsoft Team for Working with Extended Teams

Looking to set up a communication platform for a large, multi-level team? If you’ve done any research into popular messaging products, you’ve probably come across Slack and Microsoft teams – two of the biggest players in the collaboration software industry. These products certainly have their merits, but what you may not realize is that their … Read more

How To – Migrating from MS Access to WorkMap Through CSV

Ever since Microsoft announced its plans to retire MS Access from its productivity suite, Office 365, more and more users have begun the process of migrating from this outdated software in search of more innovative, cloud-based solutions. Luckily, there’s This more modern, effective, and user-friendly online alternative to MS Access makes the transition away … Read more